Introducing GameGlass

Redefining your second screen experience
STATUS: In Development
GameGlass is a platform for incredible second-screen experiences for many of the games you love. All in one place, and designed to give you new ways to interact with your games and friends.

So, How Does It Work?

step one


Once you have created a GameGlass account and downloaded the PC client, browse to the GameGlass website using your tablet to start the experience

step two


GameGlass will provide support for many games in the future. For now, Star Citizen will be the only option.


Thats all it takes to get connected! GameGlass Is now active and you can control parts of your game from your second screen.

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GameGlass has two components:

1 - A client application you install on your gaming PC. It listens for commands from the control device and translates them for the game you are playing.

2 - The interface UI you load onto your touchscreen device. A simple process allows you to connect your device to the client application.
GameGlass is designed for normal sized tablets, such as an iPad, Galaxy Tab s2, Surface, etc.

We know many of you are interested in using GameGlass on smaller devices, from iPad Minis and Kindle Fires right down to iPhones. We have plans to support these smaller devices shortly after we launch for the "normal" sized tablets.

We are also considering designs for larger sized devices, such as iPad Pros, larger Surface machines, etc.
It depends.

For games that provide an open API we can display useful and immersive data about your activities.

But for games without and API we're limited to what we can detect from your keybindings and inputs.
YES. You could have Flight Systems up on one tablet while you have Combat & Shields up on another.

We will have a cap on the number of devices you connect to at once, simply so we can manage input latency, but expect this number to be generous.
Our tests show a latency of 2-3 ms. Often less.

Your commands go straight from your input device (tablet, etc) to the client installed on your PC - then directly to the game. They don't travel through the web to our servers then back.

Your connection between the client app and the input device is established over your local wifi network.
Not at launch.

We know this is a highly requested feature, so we have it high up on our roadmap, but want to make sure it is easy to do and intuitive to use in-game.

Eventually you will be able to customise button keybindings, macros, and even shapes and graphics.
Our roadmap is split into platform features and game features.

We're keeping most of our platform plans super secret for now, but for our first game - Star Citizen - you can expect features to support your social interactions, photo capture and some really useful ways to interact with things like ship details, locations, etc.

You can also expect new Shards for profession gameplay as they are released - exploration, repair, mining, salvage, etc.
It's extremely unlikely.

As far as games are concerned, we're just a more intuitive and immersive version of a mouse with a dozen buttons on the side.

These mice allow you to bind keypresses or macros to a button click, GameGlass binds them to touchscreen interactions.

Behind the scenes it's a bit more complicated than that, but we're not doing anything that manipulates game files or alters traffic to game servers.
Creating a GameGlass account will be free, and we want to make sure there is a core of basic features in every game we support that you can use with the free account.

Paid tiers will include more apps (we call them Shards), more platform features and other benefits . This tier is also a big reason why we're able to continually develop new Shards for gameplay features as they are added to games.
Excellent question!

We're not ready to provide a release date quite yet. Close, but not yet. We will say that you can expect to get your hands on it "soonish", and not "for a long time". Does that help?

Stay tuned for an announcement.
We have an amazing team working on GameGlass and our first set of experiences for Star Citizen, so we're not looking for new people to join us at the moment.

Soon we'll need Beta testers though - stay tuned for news on that.

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