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What is GameGlass?

Control your games with intuitive apps for your tablet or phone.

Immersive. Seamless.

At Your Fingertips

Master your games with seamless touch controls.

No Boring Grids

Beautiful graphics, carefully designed to fit each game.

All In One Place

Amazing apps and features, for a growing catalogue of games.

Satisfying interactions

Satisfying interactions

Each Shard is designed with animation and interaction elements that bring your controls to life. They’re silky smooth, unobtrusive and beautifully crafted.



GameGlass makes it easier to master your games. No more trying to remember obscure keybinds or unlabelled joystick switches. Your controls become more intuitive.

Designed for gameplay

Designed for gameplay

We call our apps "Shards", and each is carefully designed to help you with specific gameplay features. We design the Shards for each game to be satisfying, immersive and intuitive.

Games, Games, Games

GameGlass is your home for amazing touchscreen control, command and interaction Shards. Immersive, intuitive and seamlessly integrated with the games you love.

Featured Game

Star Citizen

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Coming Soon

Elite Dangerous

Coming in the Future

  • World of Warcraft
  • No Man's Sky
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Subnautica
  • The Division
  • Euro Truck 2
  • Euro Truck 2
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Guild Wars 2
  • PoE Legion

Shards for days

Every app and screen we design is carefully thought out. We call these screens "Shards". We consider the gameplay features, roles and functions you need to perform. Then we plan how we can make these interactions easier and friction-free.

  • Star Citizen - Flight Systems
    Star Citizen - Flight Systems
  • Star Citizen - Ground Systems
    Star Citizen - Ground Systems
  • Star Citizen - Combat
    Star Citizen - Combat
  • GameGlass - Discover
    GameGlass - Discover
  • Star Citizen - Mining
    Star Citizen - Mining
  • Star Citizen - Emotes
    Star Citizen - Emotes
  • Star Citizen - Director
    Star Citizen - Director
  • Star Citizen - Gallery
    Star Citizen - Gallery
  • Star Citizen - Ship DB
    Star Citizen - Ship DB

Power Up, Your Way

You decide how to get GameGlass. Just the basics, own the Shards you want forever, or power up and get it all.


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How Does It Work?

We've designed GameGlass to be easy to setup, fast, and secure.

1. Setup

Simply install our ultra-low latency host application.

2. Connect

Connect to your tablet or phone over your wifi network.

3. Play

Control your games directly from immersive touch screens.

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