X4 Ship Controls

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V 0.1 (ALPHA)

This is an attempt to elegantly cover core ship controls that are unweildy to map onto a joystick/HOTAS setup, with the intent of making the keyboard unecessary for 99% of ship operations. It assumes basic flight controls, throttle, weapons, etc will be bound to a mouse or joystick.

THIS ISN'T an attempt to completely control your ship. In particular, it doesn't replace most functions covered by the UI panels. I don't intend to cover that (yet!) except where I can be sure they're 99% reliable (as in requesting docking).

For the most part, this should use default keybinds (it's a test though, no promises!).

To use the wingmen hotkeys, you will need to install A11ectus Wing Hotkeys and a special Python Pipe utility. Otherwise they will do nothing but look pretty.
In Collection: X4: Foundations
Resolution: 1024x768
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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2023