Vanatorul_GR, On Foot

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My custom shard for when on foot. Linked buttons to my other custom shards. I believe it can be used on both mobiles (in landscape) and tablets. Most functions are default, but the following keybindings need to be set:
- Holster Weapon to "R" (Double Click)
- Flashlight to "L"
- Equip Helmet (Toggle) to "H"
- Inspect Item to "LeftAlt + J"
- Drop Item to "LeftControl + J"
- VoIP Proximity to "LeftAlt + NumPad +"
- Cycle Audio Channels to "NumPad Period"
- Emote Agree to "RightAlt + NumPad 4"
- Emote Disagree to "RightAlt + NumPad 6"
- Emote Come to "RightAlt + NumPad 5"
- Emote Wait to "RightAlt + NumPad 2"
- Emote Salute to "RightAlt + NumPad 7"
- Emote Wave to "RightAlt + NumPad 8"
- Force Respawn to "BackSpace" (Double Tap)
Feel free to personalize, modify and share. Enjoy the game
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 1024x768
Designed For:
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2023