Vanatorul_GR, Main Pilot Panel

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Flight panel with most functions present, based mostly on the default keybindings. The space where bombs are controlled can be twicked to accomodate at least one more button (if you reduce the title above it) but I don't use bombers so I did mess with it. The following need to be assigned:
- LeftAlt + N to Request Landing
- N (Double Tap) to Autoland
- LeftControl + X to G-Force safety toggle
- LeftControl + E to ESP toggle
- G (Double tap) to Cycle Fire Modes
- LeftControl + H to Panic Launch Countermeasures
- LeftAlt + L to Lock Doors
- LeftAlt + U to Unlock Doors
- LeftAlt + O to Open all Doors
- LeftAlt + K to Close all Doors
- LeftAlt + Numpad+ to VoIP Proximity
- NumPad Period to Cycle Audio Channels

Increments on scanners are by one unit. Increments on Mining laser are by 3 units (clicks). Feel free to modify to your liking.
It is rather crowded to be used with a phone, though I have personally managed to do so. A 10" tablet I believe is ideal. There are buttons linked to my other shards. Feel free to personalize, customize and share. Enjoy the game
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 1024x768
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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2023