Turret Compainion by MuertoGonzo :D V1.0

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****i will be making more shards in the future please leave a comment if you have ideas for anything and i will do my best *hours worked *6 hours* this includes all the typing and testing ect.****

you must adjust these default keys to as follows
This lists the changes that i made anything not listed here is set to default settings



-Vehicles- Target Cycling
PREV = Vehicles - Target Cycling > Cycle lock - Hostiles - Back > "Right Alt + 5
NEXT = Vehicles - Target Cycling > Cycle lock - Hostiles - Forward > "5"
CLOSEST = Vehicles - Target Cycling > Cycle lock - Hostiles - Reset to Closest > "Left Alt + 5"



- Vehicales - Targeting
TARGET 1 = Vehicles - Targeting > Pin Index 1 - Lock / Unlock Pinned Target > "F5"
TARGET 2 = Vehicles - Targeting > Pin Index 2 - Lock / Unlock Pinned Target > "F6"
TARGET 3 = Vehicles - Targeting > Pin Index 3 - Lock / Unlock Pinned Target > "F7"


the discord, YouTube and, RSI Buttons are all related to the Sante Interstellar Solutions ORG

Feel free to customize these keys this is just what I use personally
keyboard and mouse mostly default key binds

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In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 700x750
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Last Updated: Nov 02, 2022