Systems Console

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** There may still be a few 3.20 bugs. Please Ping me on GG Discord if you find one - Sorry CIG's Docs are non-existant! **
A comprehensive, high resolution tablet shard for Star Citizen. This single panel will be most useful for Dual Stick and HOTAS pilots that prefer not to interact with the keyboard. (Or do not have easy access to the keyboard). This shard is inspired by IRONSIDE AVIONICS - FLIGHT shard.

// Custom Bindings Required //
– Toggle Door Locks = CTRL+L
– Open Doors = ;
– Close Doors = ‘

// Features//
- 'Systems Console' Title is a link to your shard library
- The normal Shard Library 'GG' Button is hidden in the top left corner. (For clean, immersive look)
– Door Lock is a Toggle (see custom bindings)
- The anchor⚓ button initiates Auto-dock
- Long Press Break Key (!) for 15 Second Braking Maneuver

MODE = Ship Configuration. (Scorpius, etc.)
GIMBAL = Auto Gimbal (3.18)
- Press Scan Button to Activate Scan Mode
- Long Press Scan Button to Scan

ESP = Turret ESP Toggle
STG = Turret Staggered Mode Toggle
GYR = Turret Gyro Mode Toggle
HAIL = Hail Target
DECOY (Tap) = Launch Burst
DECOY (Hold) = Set and Launch Burst
DECOY (Double Tap) = Increase Burst Size
NOISE = Noise Deploy
GSAF = Disable G-Safe
CHAT (💬🗨️) = Toggle Global Chat
CARGO = Open Inventory

// Keybinding instructions //
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Resolution: 1280x800
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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2023