Subliminal's Shard

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Subliminal's General purpose flight and combat shard.

IMPORTANT - Please manually add these binding for full functionality.
🔴 Bind Reqest Landing to "N" (Double Tap)
🔴 Bind Remove Helmet to "H"
🔴 Bind Pip Cycle to "Left-Alt + P"
🔴 Bind Decrease Missile "Right-Alt + G"
🔴 Bind Speed Limiter - Reset to SCM to "Right-Alt + -"

For support and feedback please visit channel htttp://

Change Log for 3.16:
🔸 Swapped out my makeshift power and shield components for the new "Hero Components"
🔸 Moved the above components to the bottom right (Closer to the right joystick.)
🔸 Added QT & Power Hero Components
🔸 Moved rareley used features like eject to the left side.
🔸 Refined Scan buttons
🔸 Added buttons from previous "Turret Shard" to keep this a single shard system.
🔸 Added Center turret button. (Holds the center button for 5s) Perfect for redeemer might be to long for others feel free to tweak.
🔸 Added correct position for gyro & ESP buttons (They are on by default when in a turret.)
🔸 Added Pin Selected & Remove All Pins (Great for multicrew bounty hunting.)
🔸 Added Increase/Decrease missile buttons
🔸 Added PIP swap button
🔸 Added Scan button (Holds scan for 5 sec) I will tweak this if it is not long enough. Please give feedback.
🔸 Moved buttons like Mobi, Star, Com, etc. to the top left
🔸 Moved buttons to external sites like erkul and verse finder to top right (Please give feedback on any other community resources that should be included.)
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 1280x800
Designed For:
Last Updated: Sep 19, 2022