Star Engine

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This shard is built for a more comfortable game control with a Xbox gamepad + mouse ( recommend a mouse with additional buttons on the side that can be programmed for better game control )

Resolution: 1920x1200

All buttons Default ( no custom keybindings)

Button explanations:

Alt toggle = Alt button on keyboard. Don't need to hold down the alt key on the keyboard when the toggle is turned on. Turn on the toggle and control the mining laser intensity with the mouse wheel.
!!! Attention !!! Don't forget to turn off after mining.

DOORS button: Opens and closes all ship's exterior doors, elevators and rear ramp.

LOCK D button: Locks and unlocks all doors

CARGO M (mode): Transforms a cargo ship for cargo loading

ESP and G-SAFE: These systems are always on by default. ESP and G-SAFE can be turned off by pressing the buttons

SRV, MINING, SALVAGE toggle: SRV tractor beem, Mining Laser, Salvage Laser

HELMET button: Removes the character's helmet to the local space station or city inventory ( I still haven't figured out how to put the helmet back on with one click without opening the inventory (maybe it doesn't work yet)

DROP button: Means Drop item

LIGHT, LASER button: On/Off weapon light or laser

I left two buttons empty, I'm still experimenting, looking for and trying different control elements, if you have ideas, write them here :)

I hope this shard will be useful to someone. Have a good flight citizens
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 1920x1200
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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2024