Star Citizen Primary MFD

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A Multi Function Flight Display to be used with Star Citizen. Goal is to improve quality of life by having primary and secondary options available for use at the click of your tablet.

In-Game Keybindings to Add

Flight movement ESP: ControlLeft + E

G Safe: ControlRight + E

ATC: Insert

Lock Doors: single hyphen –

Unlock Doors: equal sign =

Open Doors: semicolon ;

Close Doors: apostrophe ‘

Missile Previous: Altleft + M

Missile Next: Altright + M

Missile Amount Increase: ControlRight + M

Missile Amount Decrease: ControlLeft + M

Bomb Range Decrease: ControlLeft + B

Bomb Range Increase ControlRight + B

Bomb/Missile Reset: ShiftLeft + R

Increase Ping Angle: Period .

Decrease Ping Angle: Comma
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Resolution: 1200x800
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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023