Practical SC SHARD v1.1

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The design philosophy of this shard is that it is not made to do everything out of the box but to instead make the experience in flight tactile while not overcrowding buttons. So I tried to pick buttons that are easy to forget on the keyboard, add immersion, or just hard to do without inner thoughts. Also, I wanted you, the end-user, to have the ability to modify unused buttons to fit your needs.

I focused a lot upon the design as I wanted this shard to feel put together rather than just a collection of buttons. I did all the design work myself with some inspiration taken from other shards as to what may prove absolutely necessary. (AKA I am not an artist)

I have labeled/created unused buttons, but they are there if you want to add functionality by directly editing the shard. The buttons are already set up; you just need to rename or add an icon and record the keyboard key in the action tab of the button. Also, as functionality or feedback comes, I will be looking to flesh out some additional areas that I will add to the shard

FPS is a macro to turn on SC FPS monitor in-game. Please avoid touching the keyboard or shard (virtual keyboard). You will mess it up as it must type in the command one action/character at a time.

When you hit the power button all systems will automatically turn on. You only need to touch shields/weapons/engine if you want to turn them off individually.


1.1: Added the ATC button. It is set for left ALT + N. You will need to go to the in-game keyboard options and manually add the keybind. The ATC keybind is not bound in game.

1.0e: Discovered that the keybind image hotkeys for power management triangle is different from actual hotkey in game in the advanced settings. >_<

1.0d: power management was incorrectly keybound.

1.0c: Made the self-destruct hold for 2 seconds

1.0b: Made a few changes for clarity to gear. It was set intially to the off position. But give that gear auto start on I fliped it for consistancy with the native game state. I also changed the audio to cruIse. Fixed a typo renamed cruse to cruise

1.0a: I realized that I had not properly added in the system commands. (they were the last things added in as I was still working on the button designs thus were not properly implemented.)
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Last Updated: May 06, 2022