Mino's Advanced Shard 1.6

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Based on the Aris layout but with much less bloat and unnecessary binds

- Advanced Build includes more toggles for more options while in the pilot seat
- Further adjustments to scaling and visibility of text
- Must assign in-game unbound keybinds. Details below:

Close Doors to Backslash
Open Doors to Minus on Number Line
Lock Doors to Apostrophy
Unlock Doors to F3

1.1 Update:
- Minor visibility and readability improvements based on feedback
- Fixed broken toggles and buttons

1.5 Update:
- Changed some toggles to buttons to fix broken keybinds
- Eject is activated with a double tap
- Self Destruct is activated with a 1 second hold on the button

1.6 Update:
- Set right CTRL key to Quick Call option to call spaceport hangers to open/grant landing permissions
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 2400x1080
Designed For:
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2023