No Man's Sky "quick" menu

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I noticed there were no NMS shards... the quick menu is not very quick. D-Pad or Keyboard. You CAN keybind things from that menu (multitool, summon freighter, answer comms) to ctrl+0-9 so this is a quick little shard to show some possibilities.

I did key in ctrl+# for many of the bindings and you can edit them as they fit for you. Labels as well.

I used iPhone generic dimensions which are 16.5:9 but hopefully it looks fine on normal 16:9. But decidedly its not for a horizontal tablet.

Sorry first shard and NMS custom bindings are kinda slack so this looks sparse and it really is "take this and run with it".
In Collection: No Man's Sky
Resolution: 1017x1808
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Last Updated: Aug 14, 2022