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I use a HOTAS (joysticks) set-up to play MW5. I wanted a GG layout for those infrequently used commands that I do not want mapped to my controllers.

The icons for the Mech Actions in the top row are: Eject, Flush Coolant, Heat Override & Power Down.

The middle panel is for Lancemate commands assuming you are using TTRulez AI - LancemateOrderZ Mod by Oraeon1224. https://www.nexusmods.com/mechwarrior5mercenaries/mods/269

The large center button is the YAML Switch Mech command.

For the Lance commands, select the Lance # (or All) to direct, then the desired command button. To use TTRuleZ Formation or Change Role commands: push the Formation or Role button followed by the specific Formation or Role button on the sides of the center panel. No need to press F7 as it is built into the button commands. Note: Roles apply to a SINGLE mech only while Formation appiies to ALL Mechs in the lance.

For example to change Lance Mate #3's role to Ambusher: push the F3 button, then the Role button, then the Trees icon button.
To change the Lance formation to Line: Push the Formation button, then the Straight Line icon button (the All command is executed automatically by the Formation button).

Lastly, some of the Buttons require the YAML base mod to be installed for them to work. Key bindings use the game's (and YAML's) default settings.

v0.95: Changed MASC toggle to default key binding of Right-ALT
v0.94: Toggle Switches for Focus/At Will, Loose/Stay & Defend are programmed for an ALL lance command. Flip the toggle up for All lancemates to execute that command. Flip down to reset the Lance back to the default setting. To command a single mech press the F2, F3, or F4 button first, then press button to the right of the toggle switch.
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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2023