Msihcs Flight Board

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My Personal Take, rather stripped down to reduce redundant controls between GameGlass and my sticks. I picked the single quote key (') for my ATC call, the rest are default controls as of 3.17. The NVG option is using the CIG approved Reshade and can be cycled between the green and grey/red option with F3 being the toggle on and off and F5 being the cycle key between vision types (these are somewhat intermittent working, but it could be the old Kindle Fire that I'm testing on.) Credit to RedLir on YouTube for the reshade configuration you can search for the video titled "See in the Dark – Star Citizen Night Vision" to find the configuration then set the hotkeys in the Reshade menu.
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 1024x768
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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2022