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My first personal Shard. It´s not perfect and it does not work with standard key map. So if you want to use it you either have to adjust the keys in game or in the forge.

Also this is for use with the GPS-Mod active!

Buttons that change state are easy to change without action by double-tap if not in synch with your in game state.

START needs to be pressed longer to work, to not turn off your vehicle by accident.

Some Buttons have a secondary function, mostly to force something or change states of more machines at once. If the Shard is liked I will translate it also to english and write a full button list.

If you have suggestions how to make this Shard better, please leave a constructive review.

You are free to modify this shard for personal use but please don´t reupload it as your own! Thank you!

Best wishes and happy farming - Q
In Collection: Farming Simulator 22
Resolution: 1280x800
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Last Updated: Jan 12, 2022