Flight Shard V2 (Galaxy S22 Ultra)

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This shard was designed for use as a replacement for the entire right side of the keyboard when in normal play, allowing for easy one-handed access. Can be used with controller, HOTAS, HOSAS, Mouse/Keyboard, etc. Includes access to commonly used buttons in flight: Ship Power/Capacitors, Proximity/Party VOIP, Cameras, Doors and more.

Hold the "Reject" Button to Manually Exit Seat.

**(This shard will continue to be updated as new features release.)**

Designed for a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Smartphone with a 1440x3000 resolution. This scales down differently for each device. Works great with larger screens. (You may need to change system options for text scaling on lower resolution devices.)

-Keybindings To Manually Set-
(Hopefully they give us XML distribution built-in soon.)

<Vehicles - Seats and Operator Modes> Look Behind = ( ' ) Apostrophe
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Open Doors = ( - ) Minus
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Close Doors = ( ; ) Semicolon
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Unlock = Left Alt + ( - ) Minus
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Lock = Left Alt + ( ; ) Semicolon
<Flight Movement> Reset to SCM = Right Alt + W
<Flight Movement> Speed Limiter - On/Off (Hold / Toggle) = Left Alt + Left Shift + W
<Flight Movement> Request Landing/Docking = Left Alt + ( \ ) Backslash
<Flight Movement> Change Configuration (Wings) = Left Alt + K
<On Foot - ALL> Toggle Helmet = Right Alt + H
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 3000x1440
Designed For:
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2023