Flight Shard V1 (Controller Friendly)

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This shard was designed for use as a replacement for the entire right side of the keyboard when in normal play, allowing for easy one-handed access. Can be used with controller, HOTAS, HOSAS, Mouse/Keyboard, etc. Includes access to commonly used buttons in flight: Ship Power/Capacitors, Proximity/Party VOIP, Cameras, Doors and more. This shard is also designed with a Terminal Access button: Hold to Hold F, Tap to stop holding F and to Left Click at the same time. With the same coin, Terminal Access can be used for any control that would normally be for a simple Left Click.
Hold the "Reject" Button to Manually Exit Seat.

**(This shard will continue to be updated as new features release.)**

Designed for a 10" tablet with a 2560x1600 resolution. This scales down differently for each device. Works great with larger screens. (You may need to change system options for text scaling on lower resolution devices.)

Special Button (For Those Pesky Elevator Panels)
-Terminal Access (HOLD): Begin Press F
-Terminal Access (TAP): Left Click \ Release F

-Keybindings To Manually Set-
(Hopefully they give us XML distribution built-in soon.)

<Vehicles - Seats and Operator Modes> Look Behind = ( ' ) Apostrophe
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Open Doors = ( - ) Minus
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Close Doors = ( ; ) Semicolon
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Unlock = Left Alt + ( - ) Minus
<Vehicles - Cockpit> Lock = Left Alt + ( ; ) Semicolon
<Flight Movement> Reset to SCM = Right Alt + W
<Flight Movement> Speed Limiter - On/Off (Hold / Toggle) = Left Alt + Left Shift + W
<Flight Movement> Request Landing/Docking = Left Alt + ( \ ) Backslash
<Flight Movement> Change Configuration (Wings) = Left Alt + K
<On Foot - ALL> Toggle Helmet = Right Alt + H
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 2560x1600
Designed For:
Last Updated: May 24, 2023