Dave's FS22 Panel With GPS & Courseplay

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The main controls you will need for general gameplay with additional controls for GPS and Courseplay. Thanks to Jacknife_UK for the inspiration for the light switch panel.

- Main controls for Tool operations
- Light switches for front, full beam, work, beacons and hazards
- Engine Start/Stop
- Cruise Control with speed increase/decrease
- GPS with the most common buttons for track width and placement
- Quick access to Courseplay shortcuts and options

All keymappings are default ecxept for those listed here. These will need to be remapped in the game keymapping menu to work properly.

- Front Lights = Left Shift + INS
- Full Beam = Left Shift + DEL
- Rear Lights = Left Shift + F
- Hazards = Left Shift + END
- Beacons = Left Shift + HOME
- Show Map = Right CTRL + M
-Toggle Steering Guidance = Left CTRL + alt + X

Open Mini GUI = Right CTRL + DEL
Course/Job Menu = Right CNTL + HOME
Start/Stop Driver = Right CTRL + INSERT
Change Starting Point = Right CTRL + END
Courseplay Main (Global) Settings = Right CTRL + Page Up
In Collection: Farming Simulator 22
Resolution: 2732x2048
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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2023