Daily miner - mostly stateless

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I use this a my stateless Daily Driver together with dual sticks. All targeting and such is on the Joysticks. All the keys you need quickly or incessantly. Originally I only wanted the MFD Hero components, but the rest of the space needed to be filled.

The selling point of this shard is the FOV angles at the bottom. They are dirty, but work wonders. Very efficient.

Top-left orange:
Jump to some other shards.

Center top buttons:
1. Flight ready
2. Ship flashlight
3. Quantum: Spool; DT: Jump; H: Jump
4. Accept
5. Decline
6: Jettison Cargo

Middle left:
1. Mining Module 1
2. Mining Module 2
3. Mining Module 3

Middle center:
1. Ping
2. Scan

Middle right:
1. Wipe helmet
2. Helmet flashlight
3. Helmet on/off <- This needs a better function. Helmet on/off is useful here.

Ping FOV Angle.

NB! Equip helmet is bound to Delete
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 2000x1200
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Last Updated: May 27, 2022