Captain Hober's MFD

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This is my current MFD layout, with calls to frequyently used canned shards. In those shards, I have them mapped back to this panel for quick switching.

I have added mappings for 3.17. Some of the buttons, you'll need to apply keyboard mappings to match for full functionality.

Here are my alt keybinds needed:
Action Shortcut
Call ARC rt-alt + 9
Inspect rt-shft + J
Customize J
Drop rt-alt + num-0

toggle thrust direction END
Match Speed rt-alt + M

g-safe rt-alt + ;
ESP rt-alt + '

lock doors lt-shft + ]
unlock doors lt-alt + ]

Open All Doors lt-shft + [
Close All Doors lt-alt + [
Toggle Doors rt-shft + [

Cycle Sub C - lt-alt + 8
Cycle Sub C + 8

Clear Pins 0

-20230516 - Fixed a problem with transform (needed for the Scorpius) where it was configured to press and not release. Transfrom and then hitting F4 to change views would alt-F4. I went through both my GG screens, and I think that was the only one. If you catch another one, please comment and let me know about it.
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Last Updated: May 19, 2023