Forgetful Me

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many i shards i come across tend to have alot of binds i already know, i often have a shard up for just a few buttons... so i made my own!

the idea behind this is to put on the binds that i often forget and some useful macros.

i made the power and shield presets as buttons because i am very clumsy with the default and buttons are better for me mid fight

i have a few macros

Decouple has an on/off switch and also the "5" and "10" key is to make decouple last for 5 or 10 seconds before turning back. useful for performing quick manoeuvres like a "Flip and Burn"

"park" shuts down engines and weapons + opens all doors + toggle lights.

"Launch" fully powers craft, shuts and locks doors contacts landing control sets to max speed and resets power triangle.

"park" turns weapons+engines off locks all doors toggles lights and diverts all power to shields.

there are 2 macros for "Ping" they will auto pin 5 or 10 times with 3 second periods in-between, useful for when i am looking for gems

for the most part this is compatible with the normal gameglass keybinds
only changes are:
Rear camera (Delete Key) -- found in *Vehicles - Seats Oporator modes

"Vehicle" is the vehicle systems pit menu (open door ect) set to up arrow (keybind alt+f)
"Power" is the power options of the vehicle set to down arrow
both are found way at the bottom of the keybinds "Quick keys,Interactions..." (keybind alt+G)

i hope it is as useful to you as it is to me
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Last Updated: Nov 26, 2023