BearHug Flight Assist

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BearHug flight assist shard. Tested in 3.18w PTU

To work properly add the following key binds in
Flight - Movement:
Speed Limiter - Increase -> Alt+ArrowUP
Speed Limiter - Decrease -> Alt+ArrowDown
Match target velocity -> Right Alt+C
Request Landing -> Alt+N

Vehicles - Cockpit:

Open All Doors -> F3
Close All Doors -> Alt+F3
Lock All Doors -> Insert
Unlock All Doors -> Alt+Insert

Some Functionality description:
Planetary Park
Land & Exit -> Turns off engines and weapons, opens the exterior, and gets off the seat
Stealth land -> Turns off the ship completely to erase IR/EM readings and gets out of the seat
Hangar Park
Be Right Back -> Opens the exterior, turns off the engines, and exits the seat
Store Ship -> Turns off the ship completely, opens the exterior, and get off the seat
In Collection: Star Citizen
Resolution: 1920x1200
Designed For:
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2023