ATS: All-Rounder [WIP]

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A Basic, but fully fuctional shard for American Truck Simulator.
β–Έ Basic Controls for your Truck and Trailer.
β–Έ Developer Free-Cam and Teleport Hot-Keys (Must have Dev Mode Enabled).
β–Έ Engine Brake and Retarder Level Control
β–Έ Screenshot Button (Hold to take 5 (250ms delay between))
β–Έ True Cruise Control.
β–Έ And more!

I recommend releasing parking brake and other toggable options after launching this Shard (Makes the UI make sense lol)

π™π™€π™Œπ™π™„π™π™€π˜Ώ Keybinds:
Most keybinds are the standard keybinds except for the ones listed below:
β–Έ Engine Brake Increase: . (PERIOD)
β–Έ Engine Brake Decrease: , (COMA)
β–Έ Retarder Increase: ; (Semicolon)
β–Έ Retarder Decrease: ' (Apostrophe)
β–Έ Truck Lift Axle: NUM_9
β–Έ Trailer Lift Axle: NUM_6
β–Έ Cruise Increase: NUM_1
β–Έ Cruise Decrease: NUM_2
β–Έ Cruise Resume: NUM_0
β–Έ Dash Display: i
β–Έ Dash Map Mode: NUM_3
β–Έ Trailer Brake: NUM_ENTER
β–Έ Windows:
β–Έ Open Right: NUM_5
β–Έ Close Right: NUM_8
β–Έ Open Left: NUM_4
β–Έ Close Left: NUM_7

If you need assisstance, please contact via either Officialy2004inc#2004, or

Happy Trucking!!!!!!!!!!!
In Collection: American Truck Simulator
Resolution: 1024x768
Designed For:
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2022