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All The Shards

Get access to every Shard, for every game, with a Glass Pass.

Have the freedom to use any Shard, mix and match them to suit your needs, and customise your setup just the way you want it.

Get great perks, save with discounted access, and have your say in the future of GameGlass.

So Many Benefits

Glass Pass comes with a ton of great perks.

Early Access

Get access to preview and beta versions of Shards before they’re released.

Priority Support

Get the support you need, fast.

Vote on games

Let us know which games we should support.

More on the way

More perks are on the way, including custom watermarks & Shard themes.

And More...

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Connect your tablet and phone to GameGlass at the same time. Display different Shards on each device.

Or why not connect all your tablets to GameGlass, and surround yourself with an array of Shards. Feel immersed and connected to your game like never before.

Secret code: GGX56FTW

Visual Themes

Visual Themes

Match your Shards with your ship HUD, game UI, or even your sweet RGB glows.

You’ll have a range of themes you can choose from for both Elite: Dangerous & Star Citizen.

You also have the ability to create custom themes, so get creative!

Build With Us

Build With Us

Have your say on the Shards we design, the features we build and the games we support.

We’re making GameGlass for you. Well, also for us. But mainly for you! The input and feedback of our community of users has made a huge impact all through our development journey. You’ll be able to vote on the games we support, access new Shards early for testing and provide us with feedback on new features.

GG BFF Package

GG BFF Package

Once a month, the chosen one is... chosen.

With great care and deliberation we curate a box full of merch, gifts, treats and custom GG Edition objects. Then we draw a winner from the ranks of our Glass Pass members. The chosen ones get the box delivered, filled to the brim with goodies.

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