Let's Get Started


1. Download The PC Software

NOTE: a GameGlass account is required. If you haven't got one,

2. Pick Your Shards

Each set of touchscreen controls is called a Shard.

Discover some incredible Shards in the , and add them to your library with a single click.



Your Shards can be found by clicking My Shards on the Host app on your PC - all organised into neat categories for each game.

You can easily customise the keybinds and other parts of your Shards using the GameGlass Forge.


4. Ready To Rock

You will need the GameGlass app for your phone or tablet to load the shards you've picked.

You can also access GameGlass by browsing to the
following URL in any modern browser:

Having trouble?

If you are unable to get GameGlass running, please visit our support center and review the troubleshooting guides.

You can also get help from our support experts through the following channels: