Let's Get Started


1. Download the host software

It is required to connect your devices to your gaming pc!


2. Launch the host software

Enter the email address and password you used to create your account in the GameGlass application to login.

Once logged in, keep the GameGlass application running in the background at all times while you are gaming. If you close this application you will not be able to use GameGlass on your touch screen devices.


3. Choose your GameGlass edition

GameGlass is available in a variety of different formats. You can buy additional shards individually, subscribe to a GlassPass which gives you access to everything, or choose a free account with basic features. If you already have purchased, skip this section.

Or continue with a Free Account

4. Access GameGlass

GameGlass is available as a mobile app.

You can also access GameGlass by browsing to the
following URL in any modern browser:

Having trouble?

If you are unable to get GameGlass running, please visit our support center and review the troubleshooting guides.

You can also get help from our support experts through the following channels: