About GameGlass

GameGlass was born our of two crazy ideas.

A beautiful, immersive ship control screen for Star Citizen that looked like it belonged in the game - but worked on your tablet.

And a platform for control screens for all the games you love, where you could get intuitive controls that helped remove the friction from many gameplay interactions.

These ideas; immersion and design thinking, plus removal of gameplay friction, came together when Craig (beautiful screen guy) and Andy (no-friction platform guy) teamed up to form GameGlass.

We're now a team of 9, all working remotely from all over the world. Canada, Australia, USA, Netherlands. What brought us together was a love for gaming, a desire to make amazing things with amazing people for amazing people, and a love for gaming. Yes, we wrote that twice. We debate pre-orders, drool over Steam sales, plot how to get our hands on killer peripherals and dive deep into the worlds we play in.

GameGlass is made for you, but it's made by people who love games as much as you do.