September Development Update

September Development Update
A couple of months have passed since the Launch of GameGlass making it high time for a formal all-in-one update wouldn’t you say? Hold on to your hats, here we go >>

After a hugely successful Launch on July 24th we spent the next few weeks adding various QOL features to your account page on our website and squashing any bugs that came up as our userbase expanded dramatically.

With that done, work shifted again toward the future and in late August we returned to our roots with a feature reveal + Q&A livestream

Break it down now

During our early campaign we released this promo image of what we expected Elite Dangerous Shards to look like…

The final revision of the Flight Shard saw a huge visual rework and functional upgrade, this is what you'll receive in the next few weeks: 

With open access to in-game data for Elite Dangerous we'll be able to provide visual feedback on both the Flight Shard and also the combat Shard in order to greatly enhance the overall experience:

We expect both to become available in October so stay tuned for the release date

You asked for it!

One of the most common feature requests we’ve received has been for some type of minigame within GameGlass that you can turn to while in lengthy quantum travel stints in Star Citizen or any other game where you’ve got the time to burn.

Enter Hyperspace Narwhal:

This side-scrolling Narwhal extravaganza is sure to spice up your down-time and don't worry, you can pause at a moment's notice and even switch to other Shards without losing your progress.

Feeling competitive? High scores are recorded and if yours is within the top 10 your name will appear to all as a testament of your mad skillz (and/or incessant determination) ;)

See the world(s)!

Discover gives you an easy new way to find and experience more of the content in Star Citizen. Step by step guides walk you through location tours, how-to's, mission guides and more. We're working with several content creators to fill Discover with incredible content. Later on you'll be able to create your own guides and share them with the GameGlass community as well.

Oh, and Discover is our first premium Shard to work across multiple games we support, next up being (of course) Elite Dangerous!

Custom Themes are coming to Glass Pass!

Variety is the spice of life they say. At launch we introduced a total of 4 different color theme options, soon you’ll be able to use this powerful customizer to match your Org, ship HUD or anything else under the sun.

GameGlass @ CitizenCon 2019 (aka 2949)

We’ll be showing GG in action at the biggest StarCitizen event of the year! Swing by the community booth area and say hi, enter to win some killer prizes, and get hands on with GameGlass on a variety of devices.

10K’s a crowd

We recently exceeded 10,000 unique registered users. Wow! A big thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about all that GameGlass offers! With over 100 controls for Star Citizen alone free to all with an account + many more premium Shards and GlassPass perks available there’s something for everyone.

On that note... it's a wrap! You now know all that we know you know, ya know?
See you next month for another look at what's to come.


-The GameGlass Team