Welcome to GameGlass

Questions answered, a giveaway, and a hello.

You might have noticed a few changes. “What is GameGlass?” you might be asking. “What happened to SCPADD?” is another good one. So is “Where is Drakynn, who the hell are you?!”.

All excellent questions.

I am here to meet all your answer-seeking needs. I’m also here to try and give you an Avenger Titan, more on that below.

Let’s begin!

What is GameGlass?

For the past month or so, stealthily & behind the scenes, we have been working on a much larger plan for delivering amazing game companion experiences. Not just for Star Citizen, but for many of the games you love.

GameGlass is a platform for these immersive, intuitive, accessible experiences. All in one place, built with love and passion by our team of fans, for the community. The platform will allow you to create a free account, and easily switch between amazing companion and second-screen experiences for your games. You’ll be able to store screenshots, interact with friends, and participate in your games in some exciting new ways. We’re in the early days of building GameGlass, but we’re incredibly excited about where it’s heading.

We’re planning for the long-term for GameGlass. As the games we support add new features, we’ll build ways for you to interact with them. A great example is the Repair, Salvage and Exploration gameplay coming to Star Citizen – we’ll create bespoke, immersive apps for each of these gameplay features. We calls these apps Shards, and you’ll be able to easily switch between them from within the GameGlass platform.

Keeping up with the games we support, and creating new Shards for them, takes time and resources though. So we’re planning to include a paid level of access to GameGlass. It’s important to us that there is always a free version of GameGlass though – including many of the core features; you’ll be able to log in and use these without paying a cent. But we also want to give you the best experience possible, and to do that we need to invest in the team and resources needed to build the experiences we think the games and the community deserves. 

We’re not ready to talk about the specifics of pricing or plans yet, but in the near future we’ll talk about how you’ll be able to access GameGlass and all the features the platform will deliver. 

For those of you who backed SCPADD on Patreon, we’ll be in touch with some special rewards. You are a huge part of what motivated us to make SCPADD and GameGlass the best it could be, thank you so much for your belief in the project. Don’t worry, we got you fam.

We’ll have more to announce about GameGlass very soon. Stay tuned.

What happened to SCPADD?

SCPADD will be the first companion experience included in GameGlass. The first of many. But you won’t see the name SCPADD used from now on, you’ll simple create a free GameGlass account, then when you select Star Citizen as the game you want to interact with SCPADD will be loaded automatically. It is a seamless part of GameGlass.

Boy have we been busy though. Each of the major functional sections you’ve already seen has been polished, and we’ve some entirely new screens and features to show you.

Flight Systems saw some changes to the flight controls strip, incorporating thruster and afterburner controls in preparation for the flight model changes we know are coming soon.

Combat & Shields had its layout adjusted slightly, and some new functionality added for pinned and friendly targets:

In with the new!

We’re also thrilled to show off the first brand new Shard for Star Citizen – Social. This contains functionality for viewing and managing a gallery of photos taken within Star Citizen. You’ll notice tabs on the left for Emotes and Director too, we’ll be showing those off soon.

We hope you’ll agree that our Star Citizen experiences within GameGlass have expanded far beyond a simple controller MFD. We want to give you a way of interacting with Star Citizen that is more is more intuitive and immersive, and delivers some huge quality of life gains.

Who the hell are you?

Our vision for GameGlass, the Star Citizen experiences we want to deliver, and our plans for the other games we want to support, are ambitious. We’re building experiences, MFDs, apps and other features that will allow you to interact with many of your favourite games in entirely new ways.

We want these to be amazing, compelling experiences. We also want them to be high-quality and accessible to almost anyone on almost any device.

As smart as Drakynn is, these plans need a team.

My name is Andy Lee. Craig (Drakynn) and I have teamed up to found GameGlass together, and we’ve added an incredible group of people alongside us who will help create GameGlass and all the experiences it contains.

You’ll still hear from Drakynn all the time, and we’ll introduce you to the rest of the team over the next few weeks.

Let’s celebrate!

To celebrate our announcement of GameGlass, we’re giving away an Avenger Titan. Simply tell us why you’re excited about GameGlass, and what features you’re most looking forward to, and we’ll pick a winner at the end of the month.

So, what next?

Soonish (™) we’ll have more details to share on how you’ll be able to access and support GameGlass. For now we will stop accepting new backers on Patreon. If you have backed there, thank you so much for your early support and belief in the project.

As I mentioned, we’ll make sure you’re looked after.

In the weeks ahead we’ll talk more about the features of GameGlass, new features for the Star Citizen Shards, and some of the first games we intend to add to the platform.

Thanks for coming along on this ride with us. We couldn’t do it without you, and we’re so thrilled to be able to build a kick ass Star Citizen experience for you.


Andy, Craig (Drakynn) and the rest of the GameGlass team.