Update All the Things!

Update All the Things!
As we head into a massive end to the year, we wanted to give you an update on what we've been working on.

Read on to learn about two newly announced Elite Dangerous Shards, data integration news, and an update to our Star Citizen Shards. 

ED is Docking at GG Soon

We've been hard at work creating some truly incredible Elite Dangerous Shards. These are some of the most advanced we've ever built for GameGlass.

Our plan was to have them ready this month, but they need a little longer to bake. Glass Pass members get early access very soon, as do Indiegogo backers with that perk. 

Two New Elite Dangerous Shards

You've seen what we have in store for our Combat and Flight Shards for Elite Dangerous. These are just the start. Below you can check out two new Shards coming soon for Elite Dangerous.


Mining gives you easy access to mining commands, plus live data pulled from EDDB to help you find those sweet, sweet Void Opals. And where to sell them for enough creds to A rate everything.


Exploration is more intuitive and engaging with everything at your fingertips. Ship commands, discovery data, ship stats, are all merged into one of our most useful Shards.

Special thanks to everyone in the ED-Beta channel for their feedback on these Shards.

Data for All!

In our Elite Dangerous announcement stream we mentioned that integration of game data in ED Shards would be a paid extra for those who wanted it. We're thrilled to tell you that we've changed our plans. Data integration will be free for everyone!

Star Citizen 3.7 and VTOL

One smaller change added to the amazing Star Citizen 3.7 patch was the ability to manually activate VTOL. GameGlass was built evolve alongside Star Citizen, so we've updated our flight controls strip to add this button.

There is so much coming to GameGlass. New Shards. Elite Dangerous. More games. Top secret news for Star Citizen Shards, GG at CitCon, and even a Narhwal!


The GameGlass team