GameGlass Pricing Announcement

GameGlass Pricing Announcement
Our pricing for launch

We have some major news to share today – our subscription plans, pricing, and an update on how you can access Shards.  Plus there’s some extra goodies, make sure you read to the end!

But first, a special present for everyone.

The Vehicle Systems Shard will now be included in the FREE Shards for Star Citizen!

Thank you to all our Indiegogo backers and Visionaries who helped make it possible.

GameGlass, your way

When we launched GameGlass we always envisioned it as a service, not a product. New games would be supported, new Shards added, new platform features released.

In order to build GameGlass as a service that is continually improved and expanded, subscriptions make sense. They allow us to invest in development, technology and people, and do so at a sustainable level.

But we like choice. The more options you have to tailor GameGlass to your needs the better. So today we’re announcing new options for how you can access GameGlass.

Free Forever!

Creating an account for GameGlass will always be free. And every game we support will have at least 1 basic Shard you can use with your free account.

For Star Citizen that means the Flight Systems, Vehicle Systems and Shields & Combat Shards are FREE.

Subscription plans

We want to make subscription simple, so when we launch there will be two subscription options:

GlassPass is everything you need to use GameGlass, it gives you access to all Shards for all the games we support. GlassPass+ also includes all the Shards for all the games, but also adds a bundle of extras. These are completely optional, and none are required to get every functional part of GameGlass.

  • Vote on games to add to GameGlass

  • Early Shard previews & access

  • Monthly giveaways

  • Shard test sessions with devs

  • Access to the GlassPass special forum & discord channel

To give you a sense of what your subscription will give you just for Star Citizen, here are the Shards we’re building:

It’s important to note that many of the game systems required for those Shards have not been released yet, so we’ll create the Shards as each system is added to the game.

Pay Per Shards

If you’re happy with the Shards you have access to with your free account, but want a specific Shard for a particular game, you can simply buy it. It’s yours for a one-off cost and you’ll get all the updates to that Shard in the future.

The price of each Shard will vary, depending on complexity, but here are some examples for the Star Citizen Shards we’ve announced so far:

All the Shards in the Roadmap above will be available to purchase individually too.

Indiegogo Perks

To help you decide which Indiegogo perks are right for you, here’s a table showing what each perk gives you at release. If there are any special items included in your Indiegogo perk, that are not listed below or in the GlassPass+ above, you’ll get those too.

What’s next?

Next week we have two HUGE announcements:

  • The next game we’re supporting with GameGlass

  • A roadmap of the all games we’re planning to support over the next 12 months

That’s a wrap!  We hope this clears things up for everyone.

Our hope for GameGlass is that it becomes a loyal companion on your gaming adventures. Providing helpful features, a greater sense of immersion, more intuitive access to game systems, and new ways to interact with your friends while you play.

This adventure is just beginning, and we’d love to have you along for the journey.


The GameGlass team.