GameGlass News & Survey

GameGlass News & Survey
What's new at GameGlass in the new year? Read on!

New feature - Your own custom theme

We've rolled out a new feature that lets you create your own custom color theme.

Now you can tweak your Shards to match your ship HUD, the RGB bling on your mouse, or anything else your glorious rainbow heart desires.

Custom themes are a perk included with Glass Pass.

Shard updates

We're always listening to feedback from our community. You asked for Hyperspace and Supercruise buttons on the Exploration Shard. Boom! Here you go.

You can expect more polish to how we pull in live data too, including Mining prices, demand and better display of data in unexplored systems.

Custom keybinds

By far the most requested feature has been the ability for GameGlass to work with your custom keybind setup. We're making this happen in March.

Elite Dangerous

Down To Earth Astronomy took GameGlass for a ride on an exploration and mining trip:

Exigeous also checked out GameGlass. Check out his EDTutorials too!

Tell us what you think!

From the very beginning of the GameGlass adventure feedback from our community and users has been super important.

Your thoughts and opinions will help shape the year ahead.

Can you spare 5 minutes to fill in a quick survey?

Until next time...

We're gearing up for some big announcements next month with new games, new Shards and even more new features to be announced. 

Thanks for coming on this adventure with us.


The GameGlass team.