GameGlass Launch Date!

GameGlass Launch Date!

Launch Date - hype pants!

We're thrilled to announce that GameGlass will officially launch on:

July 24*

We've been working hard to build you the best, most immersive & intuitive game control apps. Here's a teaser of the new features on their way:


Easy Laser control with a slick slider


Emote your heart out, take beautiful screenshots and view your image gallery.


GameGlass for your mobile phone. Or a second screen next to your tablet.

Shard Themes

A rainbow explosion! Actually, not that. But definately colors to match your ship HUD.


FOIP and group controls anyone?

Time to put on your hype pants on

We can't wait to get GameGlass onto your devices. Whether you prefer to buy your Shards or subscribe to Glass Pass - or just want to try the basics with a FREE account - we’re happy to have you in the GameGlass family.

July 24*. Get hyped.

* Beta users and early access sign ups get in 1 week early on July 17th