GameGlass Early Access Launch

GameGlass Early Access Launch
7 months ago, some weirdo called u/Sartor88 posted an image for a Star Citizen app to Reddit. His idea was to create a game MFD, but in the real world.

Crazy, right?

Well, it kinda blew up. 

24 hours later there were almost 400 people in a brand new Discord server. Everyone giddy at the prospect of an intuitive, immersive interface right on their desk.

Sometime in that first 24 hours Andy reached out to Craig. They talked. Chewed on an idea Andy had, then hatched a plan to create GameGlass.

We quickly decided Craig’s… ummm… quirky code was not up to scaling where we wanted to go. A few super clever people had also reached out to us, so we started building a team. 

The first person we snagged was Mike, he wrote the tech SCPADD was based on. Then it was Ron to lead our front-end re-factor, Doc to architect and build our back-end, and Alfredo to help us build Shards faster. Soon we added Sam, Chad and James to the family.

It’s hard to describe how incredible this team is. Not just the sheer talent, but the willingness to find the RIGHT solution - not just the easy or comfortable one. To be willing to throw out a good idea to build a great one.

5 months later, here we are.

GameGlass has come a long way. Our funding campaign was driven by the community to insane levels, we worked with some incredible content creators, built some killer tech, and had a blast doing it all.

We’re growing into something truly special. And we’re doing it because of you.

Every day we talk to some of the most passionate, genuinely amazing human beings from our community. We hear about how they use GG, the setups they show off, and why they just love being immersed in their games.

So thank you. Thank you for believing in us. In the project. Thank you for your passion, feedback, comments, encouragement and general awesomeness. 

Today we launch GameGlass. 

New Shards. New features. A new store, and a new website. 

A huge step, but only the next in a long journey. Ahead of us lies more Shards for Star Citizen, support for more games (Elite Dangerous is coming soon!). More fun with our community. More giveaways too…

We’re tired, somewhat bleary eyed, and so very tired. But we’re psyched about the future of GG. And we’re thrilled you’re on this adventure with us.


Thank you. From the bottom of all our hearts.

The GameGlass Team.