Forge - Early Access begins now

Early in our GameGlass journey it became clear that we'd never be able to create Shards fast enough. Not for you, and all the games you love to play. And not for us, and all the great experiences we wanted to create.

So we started asking ourselves how we could fundamentally transform the way Shards are made.

Forge is our answer, and today it enters Early Access.

Every Glass Pass member can now create their own Shards. For any game.

What kinds of Shards? How about a spell book for World of Warcraft?

Forge - WoW

Or a handy companion for Subnautica and Below Zero?

You could make your own on-foot Shard for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. A more intuitive way to control EVE Online. Aircraft-specific Shards for DCS and MS Flight Simulator. Exploration and building Shards for Valheim. Handy panel Shards for Satisfactory.

Or my personal favorite - a Shard that does nothing but trigger the ROCK AND STONE emote in Deep Rock Galactic.

We've always made GameGlass alongside you, and Forge is no different. Early Access gives us a way to listen to your feedback and gather your feature requests.

Together we'll create something amazing.

More features, button styles, interaction components, sliders, dials, switches, and more are on their way. Let us know what you want to see, and stay tuned for a Roadmap.

Update your Host app, grab a Glass Pass, and create some killer new gaming experiences. And as always thank you for coming along on this adventure with us.


The GameGlass team.