Developer Update 2.0 – Getting Social

Developer Update 2.0 – Getting Social

It’s a party, and you’re all invited!

Good day, and welcome to Developer update 2.0!

Before I kick things off, I wanted to go over whats been going on in the last few weeks for GameGlass. In the last two weeks, we have:

  1. Rebranded SCPADD to GameGlass

  2. Added a team member (Say hi to Alfredo, our new front-end dev!)

  3. Launched an IndieGoGo campaign, which has raised over $61,000 (View it here)

  4. Been featured on videos by both BoredGamer and theNOOBIFIER1337

  5. Had two awesome live streams (

  6. Revealed our new mining shard, and fragments

  7. Launched a giveaway for a Cutlass Black (ENTER HERE)

  8. Added our first moderator Chad (Chaob_N7) to the team

Needless to say, it’s been a busy few weeks.  We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon either.  We have a giveaway ending in a few days, and another one starting up shortly after so stay tuned on that front! So, now that that’s out of the way, lets dive into the meat and potatoes (yum!)

Let’s get social!

The social screen is the (second) newest addition the family of GameGlass shards.  I know a lot of you are excited about this one (EMOTES?) so lets get right into it.

Let’s take it left to right

So on the left hand side of this screen you will notice three tabs.  Emotes, Director, and Gallery.  You can switch back and forth between any of these tabs quickly and easily just by tapping the buttons.  Under the emotes heading, you will notice a bunch of icons in boxes.  These are emote “categories”, and help keep things organized.  From left to right, we have General (which is currently selected), Communication, Celebration, Interaction, and Taunts.  When you press one of these buttons, you will be shown the appropriate emotes in the table below.  We are also planning on adding a “Favorites” section as well, where you can add your most-used emotes and have quick access to them.  We aren’t quite ready to work on this yet though.

On the General emote table, you will see all the available emotes.  On some, you will see a green number in the top right of the button.  This is to indicate that there is multiple versions of this specific emote.  We are working out exactly how we want this to function still, but for now, when you tap this emote, you will be presented with more options to select your desired emote.  For example, for laugh, you will be presented with buttons for laugh1, laugh2, and laugh3.

Smile!  You’re on camera!

The camera section is an important one in our socially connected vision.  You have easy access to Cycle Camera, and Free Look modes right here on this screen.  Also, I’d imagine you noticed the big green button in the middle?  Yep, tap that one to take a screenshot!  When you do, your screenshot will be both saved to your GameGlass screenshot folder, as well as your gallery where your able to view all your screenshots (more on that later)

You can quickly access the gallery by hitting the button to the bottom right of the Capture Screen button.

We have also provided an easy way to zoom in and out with a nifty slider.  Yay for sliders!

FOIP, and party controls

Usually I have a witty heading to describe things, but I couldn’t think of anything for this section.  To the right of the Camera Controls, you will see our panel for controlling your party invites, and easy access to your FOIP controls.  Pretty straightforward, and pretty handy!

OK, on to director mode.

All your controls are belong to us

Ever used director mode?  Even though CIG may be calling it something new now (advanced camera I believe) I think a more relevant name is director controls.  They are complicated, and most people haven’t taken the time to figure them out.  Cue GameGlass to help!

Keeping things simple

So we don’t need to go over anything on this screen except the director section.  The Camera controls have persisted through both the emotes screen and this screen, so nothing more to talk about there. Same with the FOIP and party controls.

Director mode is made simple with GameGlass.  All you have to do is enable it, and you’re ready to film the next Star Wars.  Or Space Force.  Space Force Wars?  Anyways.

Resetting the view will just bring you back to the original Director Mode camera angle.  Nothing much to talk about there.

Offset controls move the camera in accordance to your body position.  There’s some great videos out there regarding director mode (Mr. Hagasha put out a great one) so if you want more info on exactly how the camera moves and everything else you need to know, check it out.

Longitude controls move the camera forward and backwards, while the other offset controls move up, down, left, and right.

Focal length adjustments increase or decrease your lens width/view, and increase/decrease the focal length.  Depth of field changes the amount of blur based on your set depth of field.  It’s the closest thing you will find in Star Citizen to “Portrait Mode”.

When you find a camera angle you like, you can press the save profile button.  Once you do, you will be shown a location prompt that allows you to select from 0-10.  For now, this is using the same system as Star Citizen for saving profiles.  For example, you can save your current view to profile 1, and then easily be able to switch back to that view by using the Load Profile button.

Admiring your work

Now that you have spent all that time capturing the perfect shot, you want to see if it turned out, right?  We got you covered.

Amazing pictures captured by @starvibes2948 check out his work. Also on instagram

Whoa, great shot!

All your screenshots in one place.  That’s the dream amirite? Welcome to version one of our GameGlass Gallery section.  We have a great deal of plans for this but for now I’ll discuss what we plan on releasing for version one.  You will see all the screenshots you have taken sorted by the most recent ones on this screen.  It will be paginated so you can have quick access to older pictures as well.  When you tap a thumbnail, your image will be (almost) fullscreen, and you will be able to edit the filename, or delete the screenshot if it didn’t come out right. We have some pretty extensive plans here that are set for future versions.  Things like:

  • Categorize your screenshots by location, type etc

  • Tag your friends in your screenshots

  • Easily upload and share your screenshots with the tap of a button

  • and more!

These are things that will have to wait though so we can get this thing released to you ASAP.  So that’s it!  Hope you enjoyed the social shard!  I plan on doing an update including the fancy new Mining Shard next week.

Parting notes

So a couple of things before I go.  First, make sure you check out the giveaway for the Cutlass Black.  It only has 45 hours left, so make sure you submit your entry to potentially be the proud new owner of a fancy new Drake ship!  You can enter the contest easily by filling out your entry form below:


Last but not least, if you weren’t aware, we launched an IndieGoGo campaign for GameGlass.  As you can tell in the summary above, we are moving VERY quickly, and we want to continue down that road.  We have a total of 6 people working on GameGlass now, but there is a LOT of work to be done still.  By helping fund our campaign we will be able to keep the rapid pace of development up, add new members, contract out any needed work, and get this thing to you sooner than we ever thought was possible.  We will also be able to add more games much quicker.  In return, we offer some awesome perks that include alpha & beta access.  Make sure you check it out!  If you would rather not back us, no worries.  We have a free tier available on release where you can try everything out and see if we are a good fit.

Check out the campaign here:

Hope you enjoyed this weeks update. If you have any questions about GameGlass or want to take part in discussion, join our discord here:

See you next time!